“ft Textile LTD’’  established in 2021 and provides business & market entry consultancy services predominantly for textile products, merchandising, fashion sales & marketing.

We represent textile manufacturing companies who do not have an UK office, third parties who are not able to reach or visit British customers ,and companies that simply do not have customers in the UK but are eager to build a clientele there.

Some of our important services are customer service consultancy, business development consultancy, design & development operations, sourcing management, analysing costings and trends, quality management, product integrety support, following production and shipment and ensuring good communication with suppliers.

As an experienced management consultant “ft Textile LTD” provides its customers with good investment strategies, research & development. “ft Textile LTD” services span the entire textile manufacturing chain from fibers to ready-made goods.

Our business holds sustainability as a core ingrediant in todays enviromentally friendly world and offers timeless fashion fabrics to our valuable clients around the globe.